Watch The World Series Online, Even If You’re At Work!

The end of the baseball season is always a bummer. I hate it when it winds down and the games end, leaving us waiting for spring training to start up in late winter.

Every year I dread that time of year because now I know that there won’t be a live baseball game on again for several months.

But, alas, there is hope!! The World Series!!

The World Series brings a rush of excitement to the baseball world right before they wrap it up for the winter. This is almost a necessity for hardcore baseball fans like me. It gives me something to get hyped up about so I can hold onto some great memories during the winter months. I guess it’s kind of like a last-minute fix to keep me going 🙂

A few years back I about had a heart attack when I ended up having to be away from home during World Series week for a special work assignment. Well…. not really a heart attack, but I guess you could say I was pretty uptight. There was no way that I wanted to miss even a single game of the World Series. See, it doesn’t matter to me who is playing. I’m just a baseball freak who wants to be able to watch every single game of post-season baseball action.

Oh, so back to my story! I was assigned a special work assignment that would take me away from home and even away from where I would be able to watch a TV, so I knew that watching the World Series was out of the question.

I was a wreck as I tried to figure out a way around this major dilemma. I started searching the web for a solution and stumbled onto a website where someone else had run into a similar problem a few years prior and had figured out a way to watch the World Series online, from any computer with an internet connection.

I was all eyes and ears as I read this great story. I had hope! Maybe I wouldn’t have to miss these awesome games after all. I could get my post-season fix and survive the winter, knowing that I saw the last second of the last game played.

So I read this person’s story all the way through a couple of times and then visited the website that they recommended and downloaded the special software. It didn’t cost much and installing it was so easy, even I could do it.

Before I knew it, I was watching live TV and Sports on my computer! It was awesome. I found live sports games of just about every variety I could think off. I mean I could watch soccer, football, lacrosse, swimming, football and, best of all, baseball.

I ended up being able to watch games 1 through 5 of the World Series online, using my laptop, without missing a single pitch. I was back home for games 6 & 7.

The software worked flawlessly and once the World Series was over I could still use it to watch other sporting events that I couldn’t find on my usual cable TV channels.

So if you’re worried about not being able to see this year’s post-season games because of unexpected circumstances, do what I did. Watch the World Series Online.

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